3 dishes served in restaurants in Italy

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Bistecca alla Fiorentina
It is one of the typical Italian foods in the Tuscany region. It is the typical cattle chop of Firenze.
In fact, it’s a juicy big steak (T-bone), 4 to 6 cm high, grilled. The ideal is that it is served rare
and accompanied with salad. A real spectacle for those who love meat. It became popular in
the 17th century, in Florence, during the festivities of São Lourenço.
To taste this delicious dish, look for a trattoria or an osteria.
It’s like a stuffed ground beef dumpling. Fillings vary by region. They can be served in different
ways, with sauce, like our meatballs, or fried as appetizers.
Its origin seems to be in the 15th century, when people started using the leftover meat to
make the dumplings. You can find this dish in several restaurants in Italy.
Cotoletta alla milanese
It’s a veal chop steak, obviously bone-in, breaded and fried in butter. Typical dish from the
Lombardy region, it is served with roasted potatoes and lemon slices.
It is very tasty, but very different from the Milanese steak that we know, not least because this
breaded, Italian steak only has the name, since it is a creation of Italian-Argentine immigration