Defining the finish of the walls is one of the most important steps when decorating

Whether it’s a complicated renovation or
simple maintenance , choosing the right paint can be the difference
between a harmonic design and a total disaster.
The universe of paints is wide, in addition to the infinity of colors, and
there is also a wide variety of finishes and models. With some simple
tips , it is possible to clarify doubts about the subject and guarantee
beautiful environments. Therefore, we spoke with the
architect Fernanda Angelo , from Estúdio Cipó , and listed important
information to help in this choice: Ideal for masonry walls, acrylic paint
works well indoors and outdoors.
Home paint
There are three finishes available:
satin, semi-gloss and matte. The material is easy to wash, just a damp
cloth to sanitize – reducing the need for maintenance. To avoid
bubbles during the drying process, before painting, it is important to
check that the surfaces are properly waterproofed. Used for wood and
metal surfaces, enamel paint is more resistant and has a longer drying
time. Usually made with an oil base, they are usually indicated for
doors, baseboards, furniture and handrails.