Electric controls are electrical or electronic devices used to drive electric motors and other electrical equipment, thus achieving simple on-off operation. They are combined from a variety of parts and elements such as hand wrenches, contactors, timer or manual knobs, thermal relays and fuses. Electrical commands extinguish the manual switching of motor power lines and high power loads through large switches.

A large part of the machines found in workshops and in the industry is powered by electric motors and to handle these machines 110222.00 at mrosupply will require devices that allow a control over the electric motors. These control devices are switches in the simplest and lowest cost cases, also called manual switches. For electric motors of greater power and for complex machines we use electrical, automatic, and often very sophisticated commands.

The electric controls allow a control over the operation of the machines, avoiding the inadequate handling by the operator and, in addition, and at the same time, it has mechanisms of protection for the machine and for the user. They improve the comfort to handle machines, using simple buttons. Allows remote control of machines.