House paints chosen colors

With that in mind, we list here the color trends in 2020 chosen by the main paint brands.
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The color is majestic and can be used without limits, as in this room, bringing warmth, exactly
as we want our homes to be. (Image: Thinkstock Images)
The color of the year 2020 revealed by Pantone is Classic Blue, a timeless and classic blue tone,
elegant in its simplicity. The reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking Classic Blue highlight
our desire for confidence, stability, as we cross the threshold into a new era.
The color is proof that the tone is able to take any environment seriously without making it
tiring. On the contrary: nuance is capable of awakening calm and confidence. (Image: Deep
Kitchen & Home Decor / Homify India)
Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and calm to the human spirit, offering refuge, especially
indoors. It helps in concentration and brings clarity, in addition to re-centralizing our thoughts.
As a reflective shade of blue, Classic Blue promotes resilience Infinity Pro painting house lexington