Italian restaurant Mangiare

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The spacious restaurant is housed in an old tractor shop – hence the chic shed face, with the
kitchen in the back and the bar in the middle of the room. Thanks to the competent
consultancy work of chef Talitha Barros in the redesign of the menu, at the end of last year,
Mangiare is one of the most interesting bets in the region. During the day, the audience is
made up of ties and video producers who work in Vila Leopoldina; at night, families and
couples frequent the place. Benny Goldenberg and Juliana Burattini are the owners who
defined the home’s fornistic vocation since the opening in 2011: many dishes are finished in
the wood oven, also used to bake breads, pizzas made with whole flour, the mezzalunas at the
entrance (try the bolognesa, with pieces of sausage and delicious smoked aroma) and the
oven-baked rice with leeks. Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 681, Vila Leopoldina, tel. 3034-5074, Since 2011. Tue. to Sat. 12h / 16h and 19h / 0h; Sun. 12h / 17h.
Credit: A / D / M / V. Debit: M / R / V. Couvert: R $ 15. Entries: R $ 15 to R $ 42. Main dishes: R
$ 30 to R $ 185. Desserts: R $ 12 to R 25. Executive menu: R $ 35. Buffet: Pizzas: R $ 25 to R $
60. m (R $ 10 at lunch; R $ 15 at dinner.