Latex paint for home where to apply

When we think about giving some room a makeover, the first thing that comes to mind is
changing the paint job, isn’t it? However, there are so many options on the market that it is
difficult to know the best type of ink to guarantee a good result.
Here we have separated the main types of paint to help you in this choice. Check out!
latex paint
The latex paint group is basically composed of two types: PVA and acrylic. The main difference
between the two is the type of resin used. PVA paint uses polyvinyl acetate, while acrylic
paints are based on acrylic resin. In other words, acrylic paint and PVA paint are types of Latex
where to apply
Do you know where to use each of them? Many people still believe that PVA is for indoor use
and acrylic is for outdoor use. However, this is no longer true. In 2011, there was the creation
of NBR 15079, which created defined classes for the types of paint: Premium, Standard and
Economy. For each of these classes there is a minimum performance requirement, as shown in
the table below:
It is these minimum requirements that define where the paint can be applied. Indoors, any of
the three types of latex paint can be applied. In outdoor environments, we recommend only
the Standard and Premium classes, due to their greater resistance. Painters houses interior