Three shades of home paints

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Classic Blue
Pantone, a world reference in colors, highlighted the 19-4052 Classic Blue as one of the great
sensations of 2020. This tone refers to clarity and communication, in addition to what
resembles the sky at dusk.
The classic shade of blue is timeless, simple, quiet and with a high level of stability. It signals
protection, calm and confidence, but it also carries the inspiration of nature, especially from
the bottom of the sea.
Blue painted wall with many decorative frames
A bold and striking blue that occupies the entire wall
Navy blue
Still in the group of shades of blue, Sherwin-Williams chose the paint “Naval” as the color of
the year. It is a tranquil and versatile navy blue, reminiscent of the night sky or even the deep
Double bedroom painted in navy blue
Dark green tones
The dark green tones were very successful abroad and now arrived in Brazil with full force.
They are perfect for translating balance, security and tranquility. Not to mention that the
darker tones incorporate the healing power of nature.
Dark green is a delicious, therapeutic and sophisticated color. The tone that stands out as a
trend of the season is perfect for all indoor environments and can also be used in painting
facades. It is important to be careful with the application of this color in small environments,
after all, there is a risk of making it too dark.
Sophisticated ambience with dark green painted walls
Internal walls in dark green color.
Creams, beiges and whites